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CES helps customers save energy, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs through comprehensive energy-efficiency projects.

Any successful energy project begins with up-front planning, organization, and management. CES’ approach to any energy performance contract is designed to produce the maximum value for the lowest possible investment. We work closely with our customers to clearly define their needs and desires. We then provide world-class engineering development, implementation, technical and financial capabilities throughout each phase of the project.

Our range of services include:

Energy Auditing and Project Development

Design Engineering

Retro Commission Monitoring

Construction Management

Product Independence

Equipment Selection and Installation

Monitoring, Operations and Maintenance

Financing, Utility and State Rebate

In order to ensure delivery of the best solutions for our customers, CES utilizes the following process with projects:

Perform a comprehensive energy analysis

Identify and develop a comprehensive, customized and cost effective energy conservation solution

Prepare a detailed plan and specifications to have the identified energy conservation opportunities installed

Solicit the appropriate subcontractor proposals

Make recommendations for contract awards

Select the most qualified and professional subcontractors

Obtain all required permits and licenses, all under one integrated energy services agreement, on behalf of the client

Manage the implementation process

Provide operator training and equipment/workmanship warranties during, and at the conclusion, of construction and commissioning

Directly communicate with all applicable utilities and organizations like the California Energy Commission to secure all available energy rebates, low interest loans and incentives

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