Compass Energy Solutions Helps Customers Save Energy, Increase Efficiency and Reduce Operating Costs through Comprehensive Energy-efficient Projects.

We are committed to four basic business principles that enable us to design solutions that generate guaranteed results.

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Technical Capability
  • Customer Service

Any successful energy project begins with up-front planning, organization, and management. Compass Energy Solutions’ approach to any energy performance contract is designed to produce the maximum value for the lowest possible investment. We work closely with our customers to clearly define their needs and desires. We then provide world-class expert engineering development, implementation, technical and financial capabilities throughout each phase of the project.

Our Range of Services include:

  • Energy Auditing and Project Development
  • Design Engineering
  • Retro Commission Monitoring
  • Construction Management
  • Product Independence
  • Equipment Selection and Installation
  • Monitoring, Operations and Maintenance
  • Financing, Utility and State Rebate

Our Principals have been Successfully Involved with the Infrastructure Improvements in Energy Performance Projects including:

  • Boiler Improvements/retrofits
    • Over 50 boiler replacements including decentralization of dozens of Central Heating Plants
  • Chiller Improvements
    • Over 100 chiller replacements (gas-fired absorption and engine driven chillers, centrifugal and reciprocating machines)
  • Energy Management and Control Systems
    • Over $20 million of new, retrofit, upgrade, or replacement with advanced systems
  • Over $100 million including new heating systems, upgrade of existing air handling systems, heating and air conditioning units
  • Lighting Improvements
    • Over 30 million square feet of lighting retrofit and upgrades
  • Building Envelope
    • Over $5 million of building envelope modifications including insulation and door and window replacement
  • Distribution Systems
    • Over 10 miles of distribution systems.  Includes major steam loop and condensate recovery systems, and natural gas distribution
  • Motors and Variable Speed Drives
    • Thousands of premium efficiency motors and hundreds of variable speed drives
  • Co-Generation
    • Tens of Co-Gen and Self -Gen projects
  • Renewable Energy Evaluation, Design, and Construction
  • Solar hot water projects
    • PV system design and implementation
  • Fresh Water and Waste Water Energy Conservation
    • Planning and management, evaluation and operation assistance

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