Sep 05

City of Clovis Integrated Energy Efficiency & Renewable Solution

The City of Clovis understood that utility costs are a fixed expense that can be controlled and reduced through Energy Savings Projects. In 2009, the City of Clovis selected and worked with Compass Energy Solutions to develop, design and implement an Integrated Energy Efficiency & Renewable Solution. The strategy was designed around four fundamental goals:

  • Cost Effective Measures
  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • Sustainability
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint


The City of Clovis started with Energy Efficiency Measures to reduce the City’s overall energy load, before implementing Solar PV as a renewable solution. The City reduced its energy consumption in (10) facilities by 28%, which provided a new baseline and allowed the Solar PV to be designed accordingly.

Energy Reduction Measures:

  • HVAC & Chiller Upgrades- replaced 250 Tons with Hi-Efficiency equipment
  • Boiler Upgrades- replaced with (3) hi-efficiency boilers
  • Lighting- 4000+ Interior & Exterior fixture upgrades with T8 & T5 technologies
  • Controls- city wide occupancy sensor installation
  •  EMS- integrate existing system to control new equipment
  • PC Power Management- addressed plug load by controlling PC’s city wide

Renewable Solar PV System:

  • Fire Station #1 & #5 60 kW AC Rooftop System
  • Public Safety Facility 325 kW AC Carport System


The (10) facilities have saved the City over 1,400,000 kWh or a 28% reduction in energy consumption. The 385 kW AC Solar System will offset an additional 693,000 kWh annually.